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Pros and Cons of a Travel Nursing Career

Pros and Cons of a Travel Nursing Career



1. Constantly dealing with an unfamiliar environment – both on and off the job.

2. Changing pay rate every 3 months depending on each new contract can affect personal budgeting.

3. Occasional hostility from some staff.

4. Uncertainty of next contract (will I have a job lined up?)

5. Loneliness – not knowing anyone to call and do stuff with.

6. Cross – state licensing issues which can be a big inconvenience.

7. Remaining an outsider to the team you are working with and failing to build stable friendships

8. Navigating new hospital policies and personnel nuances each time you accept a new assignment

9. Usually the benefits offered are not as good as benefits for a permanent hospital position.

10. Stress levels can be higher with moving and becoming acquainted with a new place. (Some travel nurses enjoy this aspect and welcome new and challenging moves in their career.)

11. You may have to be on a floating schedule during your travel nurse assignment. (Your contract can usually be negotiated to float in turn with a hospital’s staff)

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