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In Her Own Words: A Nursing Student's Story

In Her Own Words: A Nursing Student's Story


How will your BS help you in your accelerated RN program?

I believe my BA will help me in my accelerated RN program because I majored in Biological Sciences. I believe a biology background is a good base for what I am about to learn.

What did you have to do to get into nursing school?

To get into nursing school, I had to complete prerequisites that Samuel Merritt College requires such as Human Anatomy, Human Physiology and Microbiology. I have to complete all the prerequisites required before this summer as required by the school. Along with courses, I have to do the application process, take the Nurse Entrance Test and get letters of reference. For the ABSN, I had to have a Bachelor’s degree.

What sort of work (paid or volunteer) have you done that you believe will help you in your quest to become a nurse?

I interned for one year as a Clinical Care Extender at a hospital in Oxnard, California. It was a demanding program that allowed me to experience multiple areas of the hospital including med/surg, mother-infant units and labor and delivery. As a volunteer, I offered support to the nursing staff and did what was needed to make the patient’s stay a little more enjoyable. In order to get the most of the experience, one had to be proactive, assertive and not afraid to do things that ordinarily would be unpleasant. I also learned a lot about the nursing profession in the process. It was a wonderful experience that was fortunate to have.

Is there a nursing specialty you are interested in? If so, how did you become interested in this field?

Yes, the nursing specialty that I am interested in is Labor and Delivery. I became interested in this field also while interning at the hospital while in college. I love the intensity and excitement of delivery.

Do you have any advice for others who are considering nursing?

While preparing for nursing, especially for the program that I will be attending, it is important to be completely focused on the schooling. The ABSN program it not easy and it requires complete dedication. I will not be able to work. If one is interested in such a program it is important to make sure one is truly prepared and able to adjust. If one is not able to focus completely on school and not work then this is not the right program for them.

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