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8 Reasons Why Nursing is Not For You

8 Reasons Why Nursing is Not For You

Are you planning to opt for a career in nursing? Do you have all the requisite qualities to become a nurse? Being a nurse is not easy; one has to work with sick patients day in and out, and handle emergencies at any time of the day or the night. Read on to understand if you are meant to be a nurse.

Do you feel compassion for the sick?

Nurses have to feel great compassion for human suffering. This compassion translates into infinite patience while dealing with those that need to be treated gently. Sometimes nurses have to convey bad news to families and support them during their bereavement. At times, ailing patients require round-the-clock care and a nurse has to be on duty to ensure he or she takes care of the patient’s every little need. This takes a great deal of patience, true caring, compassion and empathy. Caring for patients tirelessly day in and day out can take a great emotional toll on the nurse.

Can you work long hours and double shifts?

Nurses are required to be on call whenever required. Sometimes sudden patient emergencies can occur and nurses have to leave their families and other tasks and rush to answer the summons. This is the same as it is for doctors. Sometimes when there’s staff shortage or when a staff member is sick, nurses have to work double shifts without complaining. Patients cannot be left without care at any time and all medical staff is expected to work overtime.

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