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8 Reasons Why Nursing is Not For You

8 Reasons Why Nursing is Not For You

Can you handle pain and death?

As a nurse, you’ll be faced with pain and death more often than you might want. Sometimes, you’ll have to see small children die of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Old people die regularly in hospitals over long care as well. Other than the pain of the patients themselves, there is a greater, more lasting pain with which you have to deal. This is the pain felt by bereaved family members. As a nurse, you’ll have to console family members and comfort them the best you can. You have to deal with death as a part of daily care and not allow this fact to interfere with your professionalism or your daily duties.

Can you communicate well?

When people fall ill they become scared and depressed. What they need at this time in is someone to talk to them and tell them that it’s going to be all right. Doctors need to know patient status in quick and simple terms. Families of patients need to hear patient status and also about the next treatment steps. Everywhere you go, you’ll have to communicate with someone or the other in a nursing job. All this requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills. To deliver the right amount of information, in the right way, at the right time to the right person is an art that all nurses should possess.

Do you have a mind for medical facts?

As a nurse, you’ll have to remember patient statistics, histories, medical treatments and diagnostic results. You should be able to talk intelligently to doctors and other health care professionals about medical facts, using the right terms and technological aspects. You must read from charts and know what needs to be done next, if a doctor is not present to advise you in cases of emergency. You should be able to understand diseases, symptoms, manifestations, progresses, cures and treatments. You should be able to remember, articulate, and write down medical instructions.

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