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8 Reasons Why Nursing is Not For You

8 Reasons Why Nursing is Not For You

Can you work flexible hours?

Nurses are required to work in shifts, which can range from four to 12 hours a day. While nursing is a career that allows you to have weekdays off and work flexible hours so that you can continue your education or care for your family, you’re also expected to be on call whenever required. During emergencies, nurses, doctors and other medical staff are required to work double shifts without complaint.

Can you work long hours on your feet?

When a hospital sees a sudden influx of patients, a single nurse might have to handle care for multiple patients, working all the time on their feet. You might not get the chance to sit down, and might have to run between patient to patient, providing first aid and alleviating distress. Nurses also have to stand for long hours while assisting with surgeries.

Are you stable and reliable during emergencies?

A nurse must be able to take quick decisions during emergencies. The ability to think quickly, act responsibly and be able to work well in a chaotic emergency situation is a huge plus for any nurse. The environment in a hospital can be noisy, chaotic and very confusing. A good nurse knows how to filter out the noise and focus only on what needs to be done without getting rattled and hyperactive.

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