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Back to School Guide for Nursing Students

Back to School Guide for Nursing Students

Find a Part-Time Job

If you can swing it, a part-time job can be a life-saver in college. While it is helpful to find a job in your field, it might be easier to find a “traditional” part-time job, such as waiting tables or being an peer academic adviser. While it’s great to find a job that pays the bills, don’t forget to look for a position you might actually enjoy. If you can find a part-time job in the health care industry, even better! Here are some great part-time jobs for nursing students:

Home Health Aide. Most home health aides can dictate their own hours, so you can work around your class schedule. A position as a home health aide will also give you direct experience in the nursing field and allow you to work directly with patients. Be advised, previous experience may be required for a position in home health.

Certified Nurse’s Aide. CNAs work under LPNs and RNs, assisting with daily tasks such as taking vital signs and caring for patients. This is a great place to start your career in nursing. Be advised, CNAs are certified and previous experience may be required.


Assisted Living Caregiver. Working in an assisted living facility or respite home is both challenging and rewarding. You will gain experience interacting with those in need, but you will also be in constant demand – changing sheets, giving baths, and taking vitals. Be ready for a thorough background check and have good references at hand.

Peer Advisor. Many colleges hire academic peer advisers who help other students choose classes, manage their workload, and plan for graduation. If you excel in one area and like working with others, this may be the job for you. Not only will you be making money, you will also show your interest in helping others and in your area of expertise.

Babysitter. Don’t want to deal with a “real” paycheck? Try starting your own babysitting outfit. You can make you own hours, have fun with kids, and make some tax-free money at the same time. If you are thinking about a career in pediatrics, this is a great place to learn if you really want to work with children.

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    Great info......thanks for the tips!

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    Great tips!

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    wow...this help me alot ^^

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    i shudder at the thought of myself in a bathing suit. there was a time i could but my current figure well. i am stlill trying to get back to picking up a book. so much has happened this summer and with the just recent passing of my dad im in a slump.but knowing all of you out there in similar circunstances gives me solace. i;ll snap out of thisyour article is good thanks for all the info and encouragement.

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    good article, but i have a problem with getting into study groups because everyone lives so far away and they seem to have made there own study groups. how should i go about asking them if i can study with them. I know lots of them live close by each other and far away for me. So i cant go and meet up with them. Help.

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    Great info

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    I was needing this. I am in my third weeks of nursing school, and a little bit overwhelmed.

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