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How Much is a Nursing Degree Worth?

How Much is a Nursing Degree Worth?

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The nursing profession is expected to have a shortage of 1,000,000 nurses by 2016. With the dire need for new blood in the healthcare industry, there is a national push to start training the next generation of nurses who will provide aid and care to aging baby boomers. Because of this, nursing is one of the few recession-proof jobs in today’s lean-economy. To better entice nurses into the healthcare industry, a diverse set of educational options are made available to potential nurses.

This begs the question: What nursing degree is right for you? The higher up you climb in the educational system, the more money you will earn annually. If you get an LPN certification, you will earn, on average, $36,000 a year; however, if you earn your Masters of Science in Nursing, you will earn $73,000 a year. That is a difference of $37,000 annually. If you multiple that out over a span of 10 years, you will earn $370,000 more with a Masters of Science in Nursing than an LPN certification.

There is also a large disparity in salary between LPNs and RN-BSNs. An RN earns, on average, $58,000 a year. That is a difference of $21,000 a year between an RN-BSN and an LPN. If you multiple that out over a span of 10 years it is a difference of $210,000.

It is easy to see that a degree in nursing more than pays for itself. Increase your earning potential by earning your BSN or MSN. Get free information from nursing schools by filling out short form on the left.

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    Iam proud that Im getting my aas

  • Just_redone_pics_019_max50


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    And let it being known that a ADN isn't much different in salary to a BSN degree, If you are interesed in managerment and ready for the non-sense , then a BSN counts thats all...

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 6 years ago


    Keep in mind that nursing is not all in the hospital setting. As an ADN I earn as much or more than many BSNs. There is a great deal of variability, and it is all bout how much you are willing to work, and where you let your degree take you!

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    almost 6 years ago


    nursephil, that's a valid statement, I was lucky to enter into the ACCESS BSN program where I'm going easily, DeSales U in Pa., since the program was just beginning. I was among the first dozen or so people to apply and so was immediately accepted.
    Soon after I found out that they were not accepting students into it for the next year since they were at the capacity with which the local affiliated hospital could accommodate clinicals.
    This makes me think that I may very well pursue a subsequent degree that would allow me to ssend my golden years teaching.

  • Copy_of_dad_silly_011_max50


    almost 6 years ago


    as great as this article makes it sound, there really is not much funding out there for LPN to RN students. In addition, The wait list to get into a program can take years! There are not enough qualified instructors out there willing to teach due to the pay cut required.

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