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10 Perks of a Nursing Career

Steve Berman | NursingLink

10 Perks of a Nursing Career

1. You can save a life

A cab driver can save a customer time by getting them somewhere faster than they would walking or taking public transportation. A tax preparer can save someone money by finding all possible deductions on a customer’s return. Those are important services that will always be in demand, but they don’t compare with a nurse, who can save someone’s life.

Whether it’s using CPR during an emergency or asking a patient just the right question that unlocks a critical diagnosis, there is nothing in the world like saving someone’s life. Ask most nurses about a time they saved a life at some point in their career, and they’ll probably demure and say something like, “Well, it’s my job.” However, it’s impossible to know that someone may not have made it another day without you and not feel proud. That sense of pride may not lead to boasting, but those successful moments stay with a nurse for a lifetime.

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