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Nursing Student Checklist

Nursing Student Checklist

Kathy Quan

As you begin your course of clinicals, you will need to be prepared with basic nursing equipment. Plan for this expense along with tuition, books and other fees. Check with your institutions for any specific requirements as to color and design before purchasing.

NOTE: Some schools require that you wear a specific uniform and may require that you purchase your basic equipment from them or a specific vendor.


You will need a stethoscope. A 5-Way design should serve you well. It has both the bell and diaphragm and can be interchanged for adults, children and infants. The Littmann Class II SE is a great choice. Add an ID tag to keep it from wandering if you lay it down, or someone asks to borrow it.


Uniforms will most likely be dictated by your school. They may have a specific uniform, or just guidelines. The most comfortable and versatile is scrubs or pants and tops, but some schools still require the women to wear dresses. You will need at least 2, preferably 3 or 4, depending on your access and time for washing. Crisp clean uniforms are essential for sanitation reasons as well as professional appearance. Pockets are life savers, and the more the better. Wrinkle free and stain releasing fabrics are highly recommended. Please see our sponsor’s sites for uniforms, scrubs and shoes: Medical Scrubs Mall and Uniform Advantage

Comfortable Nursing Shoes

Comfortable nursing shoes or clogs are essential! Again, check for any specific requirements from your school or hospitals. Lightweight, well-fitting and padded can’t emphasized enough. You’re going to be on your feet and running for hours!

Be sure they fit well and are comfortable. Don’t choose looks over comfort and fit!

A Watch

A watch with a second hand is absolutely essential, and of course you have to be able to read it easily. A calendar and military time options are worth looking for, as well as a lighted dial. It has to be waterproof because you’re going to be washing your hands and wrists often.

A Gait Belt

You will also need a gait belt for transferring patients and assisting with safe ambulation.

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