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Tips to Determine Which Area of Nursing to Specialize in

Tips to Determine Which Area of Nursing to Specialize in

Stephanie Larkin |

If you are considering an advanced education in the nursing field, you probably have a lot of questions about where this occupation could take you. Not all nurses are the same, and choosing just one area for a specialty can be extremely difficult. From long-term care to emergency room nursing and everything in between, learning about different options available is crucial to your search for the nursing specialty that is best suited to your strengths. Here are some tips to help you determine which area of nursing to specialize in:

Tip #1: Choose a specialty based on how you handle stress.

Do you thrive in a high-energy environment? If so, working in surgery could be right for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a more relaxed environment, becoming a staff nurse at a hospice is might be a better fit. Stress is a huge part of every nursing job, but different people find different situations stressful. For example, you might be under too much pressure to become a nurse that requires a lot of technical skill. Alternatively, you could become bored in a nursing specialty where you do not have much responsibility. When choosing to specialize, keep in mind the stress you may experience performing the day-in-day-out responsibilities of the profession.

Tip #2: Think about where you want to work.

Not every kind of nurse works in a hospital. According to your specialty, you could also work a number of other places, including in school, in prisons, on an ambulance, for a sports team, or in patients’ homes. Where would you like to work most? Who do you want to help? This also relates to the “pressure” aspect of a job. For instance, working in a prison could be much more stressful than working in a school. If possible, visit some of the available facilities to get an idea of the atmosphere.

Additionally, although nurses are in high demand across the country, it is also important to remember that certain specialties may be in higher demand in certain areas. Think about your dream location and then do a bit of research to find out where you could potentially get a job and what specialties are in demand.

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