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What to Remember While Selecting a Nursing School

What to Remember While Selecting a Nursing School

6. Find out the NCLEX exam pass rates at the school for the last 10-15 years. This will tell you about the school standard, and quality of tuition and facility.

7. Is your chosen nursing school accredited by a national accrediting organization? Does the school meet the education standards set by the national board of nursing?

8. How much you pay for tuition varies from school to school. Private schools cost more while public schools will be more reasonable. Find out what your tuition costs will be, and subtract that from your total budget.

9. Find out how much financial assistance you can get; this varies significantly between institutions. A great deal of your planning will be affected by the financial aspect unless you’re prepared to foot the entire bill by yourself.

Evaluate Your Potential Financial Investment

The cost per credit hour is something that depends on the nursing school. Your chosen school may or may not be accredited; it might be a community or private college, or even a proper university offering a four-year degree – the cost varies based on all these aspects. For some institutions, you might be able to obtain financial aid. This will figure largely in your considerations as well. Check out Federal loans that come with very low interest rates and visit the financial aid office of a local college or university to find out if government funding is available.

Ensure You Choose An Accredited School

You can study at a non-accredited nursing school; it won’t affect your prospect of landing a job. However, you need to know that if you consider obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Nursing from a non-accredited nursing school, you won’t be able to do a Bachelors of Nursing degree. This is because you’ll need credits from an accredited two-year nursing degree school in order to transfer those credits to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. This fact will seriously stump your career prospects if you were planning to study your BSN to be an RN. It’s best to always study at an accredited school.

A good school will ensure that a great percentage of its students are capable of clearing the NCLEX examination after doing their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. If lesser than 50% of a school’s students are able to obtain their licenses by clearing the NCLEX exams, then you should consider that as a red flag against the school.

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