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Comprehensive NCLEX Study Guide - Quiz Yourself!


Passing the NCLEX exam is one of the most important steps en route to becoming a nurse. Though it is inevitable that it, like all exams, will make prospective nurses stressed and feeling overwhelmed, there are several important tips that may serve to mitigate these pressures.

First of all, It is important to remember that the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN are designed to test your ability to assess a patient’s medical condition and not your knowledge of every medical term involved. That being said, you should rely more on the assessments that you studied through your coursework rather than through practical experience. Think you’re ready to take the NCLEX? Before you step into the test room, evaluate your knowledge by taking NursingLink’s free mini NCLEX-quizzes. See your grade and how you compare with the rest of the NursingLink community.

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