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NCLEX Study Guide

NCLEX Study Guide

The NCLEX-RN exam focuses primarily on eight Client Needs categories. Each category assesses a nurse’s ability to address a patient’s primary health needs in a wide range of medical scenarios. The questions are further broken down into four types of Integrated Practices (Nursing Process, Caring, Communication and Documentation, Teaching/Learning), which focuses on the ways that nurses approach client needs. The key difference between the two is ability vs. approach.

Focus on the specific Client Needs techniques, terms and concepts that are listed on each of the content area pages linked below, but realize that these questions are going to be asked from four distinct Integrated Practice angles.

Management of Care: Properly managing a patient’s care while still complying within all necessary regulations. Exam takers should err on the safe side and ensure that their answers do not compromise the patient’s safety.

Safety and Infection Control: Protecting patients and other health care workers from various health and environmental hazards.

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1. As a Nurse Manager, DMLM enjoys her staff of talented and self motivated individuals. She knew that the leadership style to suit the needs of this kind of people is called:

Laissez Faire

Health Promotion and Maintenance: Overseeing prevention and detection of patient health problems.

Psychosocial Integrity: Maintaining the mental and emotional health of patients and their families.

Basic Care and Comfort: Providing basic comfort and assistance to patients and assist them with the tasks of daily living.

Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies: Administering medication and measure patient vital signs.

Reduction of Risk Potential: Mitigating the possibility of post-procedure complications and/or infections.

Physiological Adaptations: Managing and providing care to chronically ill patients.

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