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    10 Steps to Becoming a Nurse

    10 Steps to Becoming a Nurse
    Do you want to become a nurse but don’t know where to start out? This 10-step guide will help you find your way. You'll learn about the nursing profession, find out about the educational requirements and certifications, and get tips on how to survive your first year as a nurse. This guide is meant for prospective, current, and second career nurses ...
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    Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Clinical Nurse Specialists develop uniform standards for quality care and work with staff nurses to ensure that those standards are being met. They are required to possess strong managerial skills and an ability to anticipate potential staff/patient conflicts. For more in-depth information check out the article Clinical Nurse Leaders. h4. Median Annual Salary $76,209 h4. Educational Requirements Related Links Article: NursingLink’s ...
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    5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Nursing Education

    5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Nursing Education
    Anyone who has completed nursing school can tell you where they have floundered in their education. These could be big mistakes, the school they chose, or small mistakes, “boy, I didn’t read that instructor very well.” But, here are five possible pit-falls that, in my experience, might be worth side-stepping… • *Gain some first hand knowledge of the field before choosing ...
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    Why You Should Choose a BSN

    Why You Should Choose a BSN
    Whether you have a diploma, an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN), landing a nursing job these days usually isn’t a problem. Advancing in the profession, though, is another matter if you hold less than a BSN, according to experts. But is the BSN always a necessity? Is an associate’s degree alone enough to open ...
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