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    NCLEX Study Guide

    NCLEX Study Guide
    The NCLEX-RN exam focuses primarily on eight _Client Needs_ categories. Each category assesses a nurse's _ability_ to address a patient's primary health needs in a wide range of medical scenarios. The questions are further broken down into four types of _Integrated Practices_ (Nursing Process, Caring, Communication and Documentation, Teaching/Learning), which focuses on the ways that nurses _approach_ client needs. The key ...
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    Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Clinical Nurse Specialists develop uniform standards for quality care and work with staff nurses to ensure that those standards are being met. They are required to possess strong managerial skills and an ability to anticipate potential staff/patient conflicts. For more in-depth information check out the article Clinical Nurse Leaders. h4. Median Annual Salary $76,209 h4. Educational Requirements Related Links Article: NursingLink’s ...
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    Med-Surg Nursing

    Med-Surg Nursing
    Do you like challenges? Hate being bored? Consider a career as a med-surg nurse. Once considered a not-very-glamorous, catch-all nursing niche, medical-surgical nursing has evolved into a full-fledge specialty. According to the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, med-surg nursing is "one of the most demanding specialties of all the nursing specialties… [it] is no longer viewed as a stepping-stone but is the ...
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    5 Reasons to Get a MSN

    5 Reasons to Get a MSN
    Who needs advanced education? Maybe you! While you can have a perfectly wonderful nursing career with a RN or BSN degree, MSN-prepared nurses have additional opportunities and earning power. Plus, healthcare is quickly evolving, and many nurse experts and healthcare organizations are calling upon nurses to increase their education to be on par with other healthcare providers. Physicians complete eight years ...
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