NCLEX Obstetrics Quiz

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by Marijke Durning | Scrubs Magazine

When you were studying nursing, did you look forward to your obstetrics rotation or was it the last thing you wanted to be doing? Has it been a long time since you last thought about primiparas or LBW babies?

Let’s see how much you know, according to the NCLEX, that is.

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    The client is seen in the prenatal clinic. She tells the nurse that she has been trying to get pregnant for the past six months. Which vitamin will help to decrease the chances of neural tube defects in the baby?

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    The client who is at 20 weeks gestation asks the nurse how much weight she should gain during her pregnancy. The nurse should tell the client that:

The doctor is performing an amniocentesis on the client at 17 weeks gestation to detect genetic anomalies. Which statement indicates the nurse understands the proper instructions for the client having an amniocentesis at 17 weeks gestation?