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With the nursing shortage getting so much national attention, several experienced nurses have united to form a campaign to bring nursing issues back to the fore at the state and federal government levels. Watch this recent news story to learn more.

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    almost 7 years ago


    I'm an LPN with 23 pplus years of exoerience in the acute care setting. I have completed all of my prerequsites for the RN program however, I have ran out of funding to complete the RN program. My financial aid is maxed out. With the Nursing shortage so bad, why don't they grandfather the LPN's with my years of experience in as RN's after they have passed the NCLEX of course. They should have all their prequesites done as well. What do you think of this. I know in the past that it has been done before.
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    Carolyn Wyckoff LPN

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    teri mills a nurse instructor said where in "code purple" the # of pt's is a lot greater than the # of nurses.