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Andrey: Friends

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Andrey Rodionov

New York, NY

Andrey: Activity

June 02
Andrey joined the group "Single Mothers/nurses/students".

Single Mothersnursesstudents

May 24
Andrey commented on: Serendipiti's photo: "PICT0749".

"До Таллинна далеко?"

Andrey is now friends with Serendipiti.
Andrey posted: "Medicine: pagament or free?".

I'm from Russia, and here's medical services is free. But doctors and nurses get too little pay for their work from the government, and they have t...

May 23
Andrey posted in: "Is handwriting of american nurses awful?".

RNdude, but why an awful handwriting have concretely doctors?

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Bicycling, Blogging, Camping, Running, Sports, Traveling

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    almost 8 years ago

    hi, Tallinn is far, yes... i unfortunately cant speak russian anymore... i have been here in FL for 10 years.