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What Are Other Nurses Saying About You? taken over 7 years ago

Nurses are calling you Too Perfect


Alphabet Soup: How Well Do You Know Your Healthcare Acronyms? taken over 7 years ago

Knowledgable Know-How: 51-75% correct


What's Your Nursing IQ? taken over 7 years ago

51-75% correct


Who's Your Inner Nurse? taken over 7 years ago

Greg Focker from Meet The Parents

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East Freedom, PA
Active Nurse

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September 15
Glpnurse posted in: "Will You Be Getting a Flu Shot This Season?".

....I kinda think everyone thats working in healthcare , would want to getboth flu vaccine and the H1N1 shot. I know I sure am I like living as muc...

September 11
Glpnurse posted in: "where do you wear your stethoscope?".

...Well I used to wear mine around my neck at all times, until a male nurse I know got shingles from listening to a pt.'s lungs 4  abnormal brea...

August 22
Glpnurse posted in: "How old is too old to start nursing career?".

.................Go for it .I was 50 when I became a nurse and everynight I go to work, I thank god for giving me the get up and go to get my nu...

Glpnurse commented on: "John".

"Hi John, ty for the gift. 2 bad there isnt a chat room on this link where we could chat after a frustating shift at work. Nurses need a room like that"

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