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Melissa Amster

Pomeroy, PA
RN-ADN (RN with Associate's degree)
Nursing Student

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December 20
MDAmster reviewed the product: "grey's anatomy scrubs".

"1) They are sooo soft
2) They have tabs in the back to make the waist smaller (regular scrubs fit hourglass shapes like gunney sacks)
3)They are ..."

MDAmster reviewed the product: "Soft Scrubs".

"I had a huge issue when attempting to buy Soft Scrubs. First of all, the first ones I tried were actually soft, but in a size small, the top was H..."

MDAmster reviewed the product: "Phat Lucido Scrubs".

"The shirt is made to fit a woman (fitted in the waist, and just long enough to cover the hiney). The fabric is incredibly soft and yesterday, I acc..."

MDAmster reviewed the product: "Hip Flip Mini Wrap Top".

"It fits alright, I just wish that they were made a little longer and a little shaplier. In comparison to other scrub tops on the market, however, ..."

MDAmster uploaded the photo: "101_0579".


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