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NathalieDuffney: Activity

June 08
NathalieDuffney commented on: "5 Nursing Stereotypes Debunked".

"this is so true. Thanks for debunking these stereotypes.

My latest post Youtube video about kitchen remodeling tips and tricks"

NathalieDuffney commented on: "Orthopedic Nurse".

"WOW 81000$!?!?
I didn't know orthopedic nurses made that much money. This is interesting

My latest post Is it best to sell or rent a home?"

June 02
NathalieDuffney commented on: "How Can I Find Out if Nursing is For Me?".

"This is a good article. It helped me a lot to find out if nursing is good for me. Thanks again.

Bed bugs symptoms – Learn how to identify..."

NathalieDuffney commented on: "Get in to Nursing School With a Degree in Something Else".

"Thanks for the great article. I'm currently trying to get in a nursing career with a degree in something else so it was helpful.


May 25
NathalieDuffney commented on: "Go Above and Beyond as a Disaster Relief Nurse".

"where can i find more info about that.

Really interesting on becoming a Disaster Relief Nurse.

Nathalie - my latest blog post Eczema is NOT conta..."

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