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Do You Have a Problem with Procrastination? taken over 6 years ago

You might have a problem with procrastination


What Are Other Nurses Saying About You? taken over 6 years ago

Nurses are calling you Uptight


How Ethical Are You? taken over 6 years ago

You are Very Ethical


Could You Be a Pediatric Nurse? taken over 7 years ago

Future Pediatric Nurse


What Makes You an Amazing Nurse? taken about 7 years ago

You’re an amazing nurse because of your Compassion

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March 21
Nursejenny1310 posted in: "Health Care Overhaul Discussion". passed. And as hard as I have tried I havent found any concrete answeres as to what is going to change besides govt taking more of my ...

November 08
Nursejenny1310 posted in: "ADN vs BSN?".

angienwgeorgia says ...

angienwgeorgia says ...

I have my ADN...........its kept me employed, and I wish I had a fire lit under my butt to fi...

November 06
Nursejenny1310 posted in: "mismanaged money".

First off, if it WAS a significant amount of money, how the heck did you not know?????
Second......DUH! The answer is obvious, you cant keep that ...

November 03
Nursejenny1310 posted in: "Ask The Doctor".

HAHA Great stuff!
"explain whales to me" LMAO!!!!!

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