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RNdude -

Tulsa, OK
RN-ADN (RN with Associate's degree)
Active Nurse
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February 06
RNdude posted in: "EMS/Paramedics".

TeresahRN says ...

Bypass is stupid
And I don’t mean coronary artery bypass grafts. Those are mildly necessary. And important. ...

December 14
RNdude posted in: "New Grad Wanting to take 6 months off".

I say in 4-6 months you won't be very marketable as a clinician. To become a competent independent practitioner as a new grad you need to actually ...

December 08
RNdude posted in: "ran out of time..end up with 256 questions @ the end of 6hrs".

I have also heard from recent graduates that the trick isn't accurate. Who knows for sure? Good luck. I hope prematurely putting Rn on the end of y...

December 03
RNdude posted in: "Neonatal Nursing Questions".

I can't help you personally, but you might want to repost this again. As you can see it's easy for posts to get lost in all of the no...

RNdude posted in: "pre reqs".

I would talk to a counselor from the school you plan on attending. They can help you plot an academic course for your particular caree...

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Photography, Reading, Sports, Family Time
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Star Wars, Uncle Buck, Napoleon Dynamite...
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