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Susan Sullivan

Santa Ana, CA
RN-BSN (RN with Bachelor's degree)
Active Nurse

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December 15
Susu commented on: "US Tops World in Health Care Spending, Results Lag".

"I think what is poorly understood is WHY this is the case. While capitalism drives research and improvements, a system based on profiting from tre..."

November 04
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November 03
Susu posted in: "How do you feel about having a National Nurse?".

ANA Position provided \by Michele Artz....While the ANA welcomes all opportunities to gain visibility for nursing, Artz explained, it continues t...

Susu posted in: "Examples to reform our healthcare system".

cvshaw9 says ...

The general problem of the health care, legal immigration, and illegal immigration are all interrelated.What we have now in the...

Susu posted in: "health care for everyone".

The premise that PREVENTION is critical to health care reform has been the key component driving the supporters of creating a National Nurse (www.n...

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    almost 9 years ago


    Aren't we lucky!! The internet is so incredible..enabling persons with common interests to connect and act! I am so grateful to be living in this era... After 40+ years in nursing I know one thing for certain... US healthcare is in need of help! Many courses of action are being proposed, but the concept of establishing a National Nurse to promote prevention is, in my opinion, a fairly simple action that could yield so much return on investment. I urge every nurse to visit to see how this movement is growing and deserves consideration by all factions of healthcare. Elevating the Chief Nurse Officer of the USPHS to be a visible icon of professional nursing and guide all nurses in activities to shift our nation to focus on prevention is the goal...

    Why Nurses?
    Nursing is strategically positioned to become the driving force for prevention efforts in US healthcare. Nurses are the largest group of healthcare workers in the US, numbering nearly 3 million. Nurses are in the trenches at the frontline assessing need and delivering healthcare 24/7 in every community. Gallup polls repeatedly find the public rates nurses as the "most trusted" profession. The nurse workforce is educated, licensed, skilled, experienced and rich in cultural diversity and bi-lingual skills. Nurses are experienced with coordinating multidisciplinary team efforts. Nurses are ubiquitous; they work in a variety of community settings including hospitals, home health, public health, community clinics, K-12 schools, occupational health wellness programs and other provider agencies. These facts make nurses the logical existing resource to mobilize for prevention efforts.
    Also, universities and community colleges enroll thousands of nursing students every year that could earn community service hours, experience community nursing settings. Students can have active roles with local voluntary organizations such as the MRC and/or American Red Cross. Retirees can be involved too...because the critical shortage of manpower in the nursing profession will remain a challenge.

    Nursing will be bolstered in recognition and prestige with an Office of the National Nurse. This will enhance recruitment of youth into nursing, which is critical to continue quality health services for our nation. In addition, volunteering would allow continued involvement of the experienced and active boomers in the nurse workforce.
    Nurses are practical...this plan is practical...visit to learn more and join this important effort... It is a start in the right direction... then on to healthcare reform!! Nurses can lead ... let's do it!