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August 06
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Glad to share this info with you. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Colorado State University. I compl..."

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    over 7 years ago



    Glad to share this info with you. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Colorado State University. I completed numerous internships in employee health and wellness as well as worked for a hospital in New Hampshire and Toronto for a private consulting firm in employee wellness. I have also done personal training, teaching classes including prenatal, diabetes, and involved with cardiac rehab fitness.

    Recently became a certified wellness coach through Well Coaches recognized by ACSM. One must have credentials in order to qualify some backgrounds include: nurse, exercise physiologist, physician, psychologist, nutritionist and so forth...

    This type of career I believe will be in higher demand in the future. Working along the front lines with corporations in employee wellness to reduce insurance premiums or working with medical staff in a supportive role to help patients get back on there feet and have the quality of life beyond the hospital setting. Everyone could use a well coach but individuals typically don't hire one unless they have been given bad health news or unless they are highly motivated individuals interested in self improvement.

    Salary range can vary depending on where and who you work for or if you are a solo practitioner, hours are variable as well part-time to more than full-time.

    If you are interested in the field I recommend checking out They are the most recognized and are involved with Harvard University.

    I hope all that helps!!!

    My title is Certified Well Coach but I also am owner and founder of HealthyLivingNow LLC

    Have a great weekend!


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    Account Removed

    over 7 years ago

    Name/ Position of your titile?

    NOC Code Of occupation?

    What are the work requirements to work in this occupation?

    What diplomas, degrees , certificates and licenses does your company prefer when hiring for this position?

    What training programs does this company hire from?

    What is the minimum number of years of experience is required for this position?

    Is this a position that will be in demand in the future?

    What is the avereage Salary Range?

    Is this position typically; Full time, Part Time, Shift Work and or Seasonal?

    Thank you for accepting my invite :0)