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What's Your Nursing Job Search IQ? taken almost 7 years ago

Nursing Job Search Pro


Would You Pass the Vocab / Spelling Section of the NCLEX? taken almost 7 years ago

Nursing Student Star - 76-100% correct


Would You Pass the Mathematics Section of the NCLEX? taken about 7 years ago

Math Star - 76-100% correct

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Proud to be an American

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April 23
WiseOldOwl commented on: "8 Friends to Make at the Hospital".

"It is CRITICAL to network with the people who know what is going on and make things happen. By that I mean: the unit clerk, the PCTs, the radiology..."

February 07
WiseOldOwl posted in: "Can you pass NCLEX with 76 questions?".

Call me an 'old school' nurse but I don't see HOW such a small number of questions can determine one's knowledge and capability to qualify for a li...

February 03
WiseOldOwl commented on: "8 Quirky Types of Hospital Visitors".

"Gosh, I just LOVE it when yet another nurse/healthcare worker who KNOWS IT ALL comes out of the closet! Perfect people who have ALL of the answers ..."

WiseOldOwl posted in: "need urgent answer ASAP".

Just found this question so sorry if my 'advice' is a bit late.
You MUST also contact the State Board of Nursing in order to find out what THEIR r...

February 02
WiseOldOwl received the quiz result of "You’re mostly like a normal American".

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