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Here's to you!

Adrienne Zurub

Cleveland, OH
RN with advanced degree (other than NP)
Active Nurse

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March 23
December 31
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December 14
adriennezurub received a gift from godsblessings.
December 12
adriennezurub posted: "What happened tgo Adrienne Zurub?".

PD Update: Adrienne Zurub, RN, whose book about the Cleveland Clinic got her fired.


From The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/...

adriennezurub commented on: "Adrienne Zurub".

"PD Update: Adrienne Zurub, RN, whose book about the Cleveland Clinic got her fired.


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Blogging, Reading, Sleeping, quietly judging others and waiting for something magical to happen.
Favorite Movies:
Ju Do, Blade of Glory, Tatie Danielle, Raise the Red Lantern, Henry and June, Adam and Steve...
Favorite TV Shows:
Flip That House, Forensic Files, anything HGTV, plastic surgery shows, Lockdown, the prison show!,SpongeBob SquarePants, Cow & Chicken,
Favorite Music:
Angie Stone, Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead, Audioslave, Fiona Apple, Vivaldi, Mozart, Buddhist Chants...

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  • 025_max50


    about 8 years ago


  • Julie3_max50


    over 8 years ago


    Wow I truly admire you working open heart! Thanks for the add!

  • Nurse_1__max50


    over 8 years ago


    Thanks for adding me as a friend. I hope your week is going well

  • Thank_you_istock_chinese_words_max50


    over 8 years ago


    The Chinese wording/letters on my profile means: Thank You!
    It is a beautiful and artisitic expression of Thank You!

  • 006_max50


    over 8 years ago


    Thanks for accepting my invite! You sound like an extremely interesting person! What does the Chinese read on your profile?

  • Thank_you_istock_chinese_words_max50


    over 8 years ago


    For those in the San Francisco area, I will be in San Francisco, Wednesday, September 24 -- Sunday, September 28, 2008. I will have books for sale.
    f you are in the area I am will be at the San Francisco Marriott Downtown Hotel.
    Call me, let's meet!
    (WARNING! I do not look like my picture anymore) LOL

  • Rn_max50


    over 8 years ago


    Great post long but very interesting. Look forward to more talks

  • Skipnlane_max50


    over 8 years ago


    Thanks for adding me, Adrienne! Wow, I'm amazed at your writing talent, among your many other talents! I'm almost speechless! (And that's a difficult feat!) I'm thrilled to meet you!

  • Thank_you_istock_chinese_words_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    On May 12, 2008, Oprah spoke at Cleveland Clinic on 'Leadership.' No doubt she came at the request (perhaps urging) of Mike Roizen, the Williams College crony of Toby Cosgrove and frequent guest on the Oprah show.
    Without a doubt, Roizen respects and admires Oprah, and not only for her power to propel him resoundingly as a millionaire bestselling author.

    On the other hand Toby was simply worshipping at the altar of a billionaire. As the emperor (with a small 'e') he secretly desired and received the validation he desperately craves and needs regardless of his studied insouciant posturing.
    I suspect that the rare show of public drooling by Toby had to be a sight to see for the Cleveland Clinic audience lucky enough to get the 'golden ticket.'

    What bothers me about Oprah's appearance at the Cleveland Clinic other than for medicinal purposes, is it provides the Cleveland Clinic with the 'Oprah Effect.'
    Her speaking engagement (more than McCain's appearance) serves to validate in some way Cleveland Clinic, with its faults, scars and ongoing problems. She is not only their speaker but a patient!
    The 'Oprah Effect' in a sense 'cleanses' Cleveland Clinic of its internal woes and a meaningful impetus to change...albeit temporarily.

    This psychological cleansing works on both the public and perhaps the Clinic employees, as they may collectively think, 'maybe it is not so bad here afterall, Oprah likes it.'
    It seems that Oprah for all of her wisdom and worldliness is still quite human in that she continually choses the 'wrong men,' (EXCEPT for Obama, lets make that perfectly clear!)
    Actually, she tends to chose the wrong doctors: Dr. Phil, Bubble Boy-Roizen, and Toby Cosgrove 'to represent' in the vernacular.

    I call Roizen 'Bubble Boy' as it appears he has successfully encapsulated Oprah from the foibles occurring at Cleveland Clinic (sexism, gender wage disparities, sexual harassment, conflict of interest issues, the rash of firings, the leaching of talent from the department of cardiology, most notably The Talented Dr. Pradav; the fact that the community surrounding Cleveland Clinic appears not to benefit from it's fortress-like presence; U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley investigating the Clinic's nonprofit and tax exempt status and failure to provide enough care to the poor. BTW, did that guy ever get his section of skull back?! Etc. and so forth and so on).

    The 'Queen of Media' has essentially validated the 'culture of impunity' at Cleveland Clinic.
    Having Oprah speak at the Clinic was a brilliant, absolutely BRILLIANT marketing move (Dr. Roizen's connections and staff position have paid off a thousand fold!)
    Furthermore, this Oprah appearance lets any disruptive 'little peon(s)' who dare question who and what the Clinic is or should strive to be, know first hand the type of 'ammunition' the Clinic has. The Clinic, through wellness czar Mike Roizen, has Oprah in their arsenal!
    Be afraid. Be-very-afraid. Shutter!

    Actually, and perhaps as expected, Oprah did not really talk about 'Leadership.' Oprah talked about herself and therefore implied leadership. She spoke of her philanthropic interests, and a bit about Obama. Essentially nothing new. It DID NOT matter!
    The coup was 'Oprah's' presence! She was there and that was all that was needed.

    I venture to say that Toby never listened to nor truly heard any meaningful thing Oprah said.
    His seeming star struck glaze was simply his recognizance of the importance of that moment to his empire. Cosgrove bathed fully in the baptismal aura that Oprah provided. It may be akin to watching someone furtively touch himself in bridled excitement and getting away with the act.

    The sad thing is that for all of Oprah's deeds relative to empowerment for women and inspiring women through leadership, nurses and other health care professionals will continue to be treated as second and third class citizens, not only in the culture of Cleveland Clinic but within other hospitals and health care settings around the nation.

    Colloquially, nurses at Cleveland Clinic, specifically in the department of cardiac surgery were referred to as 'trained monkeys' by some staff surgeons, and most notably by the now affable Toby. As Oprah, in her regality, walked passed all the so-called, so-perceived 'trained monkeys,' I wonder if she realized that 'Toby and Company' are producing a show...just for her!

    Now, am I trying to sell my book, 'Notes From the Mothership The Naked Invisibles'? Of Course!
    Does that negate my observations and opinions? No!

    Am I bitter at being terminated from the Clinic? No!
    Am I a disgruntled former employee? Absolutely not!

    I will state again that Cleveland Clinic and the majority of its employees are hard-working, committed, and dedicated professionals.
    Although, I have heard that I am banned from the premises of Cleveland Clinic, I would still recommend their heart center and resources to any person needing a cardiac diagnosis and intervention.

    Adrienne Zurub, RN,MA,CNOR
    Author,'Notes From the MotherShip ~ The Naked Invisibles'

  • Thank_you_istock_chinese_words_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    Call In, Listen In, comment on my Radio Talk Show!

    March 30, 2008,
    Air time is: 12 Midnight

    Call in number: (646) 200-3530
    We can talk about whatever you want!
    'I'm Listening'

  • Photo_user_blank_big

    Account Removed

    almost 9 years ago

    From someone else who is left of center in the humor department I say thank you for your book, which I am anxious to read. Thank you for shaking up the clinic, which has needed it for years. Thank you for your wit, humor and charm

  • Me_n_sara_010_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    no.. cool thanks to you for adding me!! :P have a nice day!!

  • Wildeose_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    Thanks for adding me... really looking forword to know u more..

  • 037_37_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    Wow, thanks for asking me to be your friend.