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Darius Annis

Capitol Heights, MD
RN-BSN (RN with Bachelor's degree)
Nursing Student

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December 13
alafia commented on the article "Virus Starts Like a Cold But Can Turn Into a Killer".

"The over use of antibiotics has created an aggressive backlash by the microbes. Their is nothing that takes the place of a good diet, decreased str..."

alafia has posted: "Return to Nursing".

Approximately, 20 years ago, I began Nursing school, with much motivation and enthusiasm. I volunteered in my city's trauma center and subsequently...

alafia posted in: "What is your definition of success?".

Success is the act of persevering through unforeseeable challenges both internal and external. It is a mindset of firm resolves guided by integrit...

alafia joined the group "Gaylord Focker Followers: Men In Nursing".

Gaylord Focker Followers Men In Nursing

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Camping, Cooking, Crafting, Gardening, Hiking, Photography, Reading, Running, Traveling

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