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Northampton, MA
RN-BSN (RN with Bachelor's degree)
Active Nurse

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August 08
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March 30
beebeenurse posted in: "If You're Not a Nurse - Don't Call Yourself One!!!".

YES ButterflyWings00 a LPN "CAN" call themselves Nurse. Beacause they are Licensed Practical Nurses!

March 12
beebeenurse posted: "Dennis Quaid twins mistakenly given 10,000 units of Hepa...".

Did anyone watch Oprah this week?  I didn't see the whole show but I did hear Actor Dennis Quaid twins were mistakenly given 10,000 units of Hepari...

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February 03
beebeenurse posted in: "LPNs will NOT be phased out!!".

And I have seen LPN Management positions!

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    Thank you for accepting my invite :0)

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    All these Facilities want to have all these CNAs grandfathered to Medication Techs (to me there grandfathered to Medication Techs because the training is not long). There's such a nursing shortage everyone is saying? but you want to Phase out LPNs and just have RNs? So why dont the d*mn board of nursing give LPNs the opportunity to sit for the NCLEX-RN and if they pass grandfather them as RNs ALREADY!!!!!