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bhroniesjackson: Activity

April 09
bhroniesjackson commented on: "Baby born Twice".

"Really its too proud to know about the doctors experimenting on this surgery.Well Really its impressive and happy B'day to the new born baby.


bhroniesjackson commented on: "6-Year-Old Child Prodigy on Piano".

"An extremely good technique for someone her age, and the expression in the piece is nice too .she's on her way to becoming a great musician.


bhroniesjackson commented on: "Real female autopsy,real autopsy video".

"This has to be the most interesting video I've seen. I know it doesn't appear to show respect for the body but to prove cause of death and for emba..."

bhroniesjackson commented on: "7 Things to Learn from a "Lifer" Nurse".

"It was only a matter of time before some well meaning people who valued the "Culture of Life" figured out that quality of life mattered.

Smart Lipo

bhroniesjackson commented on: "6 Rewarding Specialties".

"From experience, the critical care specialties are always in demand: ICU, PICU, CVICU, ER.
It is tough to place Psych, some L&D due to add'l insura..."

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