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Would You Pass the NCLEX? Part II taken almost 8 years ago

You Need a Quick Refresher - 51-75% correct


Would You Pass the Vocab / Spelling Section of the NCLEX? taken almost 8 years ago

Nursing Student Star - 76-100% correct


Could You Be a Plastic Surgery Nurse? taken almost 8 years ago

You're Not a Great Fit with Plastic Surgery Nursing

Brian Weeks

Hayward, CA
RN-BSN (RN with Bachelor's degree)
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January 09
bwweeks5270 is now friends with ecrabtree.


January 06
bwweeks5270 commented on: "Teresa".

"No insult at all, I just thought it was humorous. You have seen my profile photo, right? Put me in carpenter jeans, a tool belt and a hard hat and ..."

bwweeks5270 commented on: "Teresa".

"Thanks for the rose photo, but you are aware that I am who I am? Sisters, hahahaha. I like being male, 6'3" and 240 lbs. I can dead lift 300 lbs. (..."

bwweeks5270 commented on: "10 Nursing Rules You've Never Heard Of".

"I will stick with nursing in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! I like the Australian law about the English test, we ought to do that here too. I run ..."

January 05
bwweeks5270 commented on: "Best and Worst Bosses: Which One Are You?".

"I guess Captain is better than Generalissimo! Always good to keep in mind that as a supervisor, there is always someone above you also. Chain of Co..."

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