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Cathy Kirkland

Lake Jackson, TX
Active Nurse

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February 04
cathykirkland joined the group "Everything I Didn't Learn in Nursing School, I Learned fr...".

Everything I Didnt Learn in Nursing School I Learned from Sex and the City

January 16
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January 15
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Must love Dogs

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Behind Every Doctoris a skilled and intelligent nurse that saves their ass

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Who has good recipes

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Camping, Church Activities, Cooking, Photography, Reading, Sleeping, Sports, Traveling, sleeping sounds good
Favorite Movies:
Sci Fi - not bloody though - and Shrek I II & III My husband and I like to watch the Harry Potter Movies too. We are not influenced by Wizards, Witchcraft or for that metter - JEDI Mind Tricks!!! lol
Favorite TV Shows:
Eureka, The Closer, Charmed and our dog loves almost all of Animal Planet!! We liked the show "The Riches" with minnie Driver on FX - but not sure if it will come back on anytime soon!
Favorite Music:
Elton John, Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, POD, all of Creed, collective soul, goo goo dolls, and 70's rock and some 80's rock too!

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