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What is Your Nursing Degree IQ? taken almost 9 years ago

Rad Researcher


Columbus, OH
RN-ADN (RN with Associate's degree)
Active Nurse

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April 20
chattycathy commented on: "Should Stillborns Get Birth Certificates?".

"How can the state say that a stillborn child isn't a recordable human being when someone murders a pregnant women they can be charged with her and ..."

September 05
chattycathy commented on: "Ex-Nursing Student Awarded $450,000".

"I had the same thing happen, hag is still there and DON is as lazy. Still ongoing!!"

June 30
chattycathy commented on: "Nurses Ask for Help Lifting Heavy Patients".

"Try working around ulcers(bedsores) with a hoyer lift. Not to mention because your short staffed to have to pull someone away to hep you maneuver s..."

June 18
June 09
chattycathy commented on: "Nurse Jackie TV Series Trailer".

"Looks like a great show!!!!!!"

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