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Cindy Kuczynski

Valdosta, GA
RN-ADN (RN with Associate's degree)
Active Nurse

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  • Candance_max50


    over 8 years ago


    Miss Cindy I am fresh out of nursing school!!! I am currently working in the ICU and I believe I am going to love it. I did work in the ER as a CNA II-the experience was great and I was exposed to alot of things and I learned so much. I have seen minor things to major things and of course lots of funny things and heartbreaking things; traumas from GSW's stabbings, flail chests, pnemothorax, pulmonary edema, severe burns, seen a doctor crack open a pt's chest, seen a doctor do a cardiac massage, AAA, AMI's, unintentional amputations, of course plenty of CPR's, and even pt's that put foreign objects in their body for pleasure that have to go to the OR . I wouldn't trade the experience in the ER for the world and I would love to go back after I get more experience as a RN.

  • Candance_max50


    over 8 years ago


    That is so great that you are enjoying Home Health. nursing is so rewarding. I wish that I would have considered it many years ago like my dad insisted but I had to leard the hard way!!! Now that I am a RN, I ask myself each day what can I do to make someone else's life better? Or how can I be a much more positive impact in another's life. I pray that you and your family continue to do well and I will talk with you later.

  • Candance_max50


    over 8 years ago


    Miss Cindy I was born in Valdosta many years ago and I have family that is still there. When people ask me where I was born and I tell them Valdosta they look at me like where is that?? Oh well they are missing out-right! It has a been awhile since I been home. Next time I come down to visit I will just have to let you know! How long have you been a nurse? Hope to chat with you later. GOD BLESS YOU.