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Is an ADN Right for You? taken almost 8 years ago

Go for It!

Jevonne Horne

Chicago, IL
Active Nurse

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October 24
jevonnehrn posted: "Going back for my RN".

I have been a practicing LPN on and off for 20 years. For years I debated on rather I should go back to school to obtain my RN but honestly I have ...

October 16
jevonnehrn received the quiz result of "Average Chance at Scholarships".
October 02
jevonnehrn posted in: "I'm bein picked on by an instuctor at my new job........a...".

I would doument everything he said to me and speak to his supervisor and go to my DON with all my documentation and last thing I would take this to...

jevonnehrn posted in: "full moon and behavior changes ".

This is true that a full moon does has some effect on human behavior I worked in long term care and it did effect the patients and now I work on a ...

August 25
jevonnehrn posted in: "LPN to RN Challenges".

I understand cf1970 frustrations cause Illinois is not very helpful when it comes to LPN  transitioning to a RN. As far as the comment about workin...

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