Tags for Julie Olesewski

Pretty Outgoing Kind gentle spirit sunny personality very sweet makes a good friend Selfless and encouraging beautiful inside and out cute smile BEAUTIFUL Friendly Wonderful new FRIEND WOW AWESOME MOM A Genuine Friend EXTRAORINARY WOMAN INCREDIBLY UPBEAT POSITIVE thoughtful bestfriend one can ever have INTEGRITY PERSEVERANCE SOPHISTICATED Lovable The Enlightened One sweet another RN to look up to Absolute SweetHeart inspiring Alluring Both inspiring and encouraging Time Creator PERFECT SMILE AWESOME CARING AND PERCEPTIVE Great personality One of the Very Best Affectionate KIND ANGEL TOTALLY SWEET PRETTY SMILE cool great friend captivating smile that could launch a thousand ships Super Sweet and Caring sweetheart BeautifulPERSON Warm and Cuddly a GIVER gorgeous hair selfless My BFF She Always Manages to Brighten up my day True blue and full of integrity caring Like a sister to me DARLING A SWEETHEART Very nice Very warm hearted appreciative big heart friendly generous and very caring heaven sent gift One of the Nicest and Coolest friend in the whole world pretty a sweet mommy brightens up my day PERFECT SUPERWOMAN VERSATILE SUPER SWEET LOVABLE VERY THOUGHTFUL TO HER FRIENDS SHE GOT MY AFFECTION My Supportive Cheerleading Angel I wish she was my preceptor Beautiful heart GIVING Angelic Caring cutenaughtygurl but awesome Gifted Healer if i were a boy i would pick her for a sweetheart a priceless gem stunningly gorgeous a positive and strong woman very helpful to a student nurse Absolutely Beautiful has a golden and generous heart An Inspiration glowing with so much positive energy always caring