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kalshassan: Friends

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Kal Traumaqueen

Edinburgh, Scotland

kalshassan: Activity

August 23
kalshassan commented on: "Longer Ambulance Journeys Raise Patient Risk".

"Not at all surprised by the points made in this ambulance, by all means it's important that treatment starts on the ambulance crew's arrival on sce..."

kalshassan posted in: "Don't Ever Make Fun of Patients!!".

Ridiculing actually sick people is beyond the pale.

Ridiculing drunks...on the other hand.

August 20
kalshassan posted in: "True or False?".
kalshassan submitted the article: "Madwife".

"On Monday morning I crashed a woman into our Maternity Unit, she was contracting 1/1, felt the urge to push down, felt like she was going to move her bowels and told me she could feel "The baby moving downwards." In other words, aside from "crowning" (baby's head peeking out and nipping in again) she was about as close to delivering ..."

August 11
kalshassan posted in: "How do you make it through a 12 hour shift?".

Big coffee, big smiles, big jokes. I also eat a LOT of fresh fruit through a 12 shift, whenever I get the munchies I eat an apple, orange or banan...

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Bicycling, Blogging, Cooking, Photography, Reading, Sleeping
Favorite Movies:
Fargo, Fight Club, Leon, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later
Favorite Music:
REM, Modest Mouse, Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell, Pixies, Nirvana

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