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Nine Things About Nurses taken over 8 years ago



Could You Be a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)? taken over 8 years ago

You're Not A Great Fit as a Nurse Anesthetist


Is Food Thy Medicine? taken over 8 years ago

You LOVE food!


Medical Symbols 101 taken over 8 years ago

Sub-Par Nursing Student


Could You Be A Cardiac Care Nurse? taken over 8 years ago

Not Ideal


Dayton, OH
RN-ADN (RN with Associate's degree)
Active Nurse
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April 15
kdblueey commented on: "How To Deal with Pushy Patients".

"ayg1968: I agree with your comments. I have often heard in 'report' from a previous nurse about 'Mr or Mrs' is really a .......etc....hard to get a..."

kdblueey posted in: "The responsibilities of an RN".

I like computer charting. For those who have posted that it makes charting simply a 'check box', is correct, up to a point. You can always add a 'p...

kdblueey posted in: "Job Market".

I have worked as a Travel RN for the past year. There are NO jobs out there, as a traveling RN, much less as a permanent employee. The economy h...

April 09
kdblueey commented on: "Despite Layoffs, Nurses in Demand: Nurse Educators Needed".

"If I was a LPN, and read this article, I would be very angry. It's putting down LPN's and their skills as a nurse. Regardless of our educational ba..."

December 20

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Dining Out, Reading, Sleeping, Traveling
Favorite Music:
Alternative, Country (not the twangy kind); Pop

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