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kobe8: Activity

December 28
kobe8 posted: "The emperor and + 12 + 8 dwyane wade and the Miami heat +...".

Lebron again dozen favorable balance of trade all-around play, wade the offensive end strong recovery, bobcats once will be divided into small gap ...

kobe8 posted: "Kobe Bryant and the lakers first section 26-29 the nugget...".

The lakers roadies against the nuggets. Yesterday's Christmas wars, the lakers beat the knicks won five straight back to back, but the second game ...

kobe8 posted: "Captive foul bosh air force applied to a magnificent step...".

Bosh in today with the bobcats game in foul trouble, this led to his attack rhythm can freely, and finally the data display only insipid 14 points ...

December 27
kobe8 posted: "Cut 16 + 6 + 11 Nash activate the lakers winning moment s...".

The whole game Nash contribution 16 points 6 rebounds and assists, and become the team winning the game progressed, and at the same time, these thr...

kobe8 posted: "Lebron and + 8 + 9 send off his soul pass for three conse...".

Open season continuous 25 games scored more than twenty points and lebron beyond 1989 Karl Malone, start after 1986 years, three years in a row McH...

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