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Who's Your Inner Nurse? taken over 8 years ago

"Hot Lips" Houlihan from M*A*S*H


What is Your Nursing Degree IQ? taken almost 9 years ago

Rad Researcher

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Having a rough day? Let's hug!


Wentzville, MO
RN-ADN (RN with Associate's degree)
Nursing Student

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December 28
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"Merry Christmas! Happy New Years!!! Hope your enjoying the break! See ya!"

December 05
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Camping, Church Activities, Cooking, Dining Out, Photography, Sleeping, Traveling, SHOPPING!
Favorite Movies:
Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, The Notebook, Office Space...mainly comedy and/or romantic movies
Favorite TV Shows:
I have to say I do enjoy reality television...The Nanny, Wife Swap or Trading Spouses, The Apprentice...I'm also a nerd about Discovery Health and A&E!
Favorite Music:
I was brought up on rock, but I am totally into country and whatever's mainstream. My fave's right now: Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, Sublime, Silversun Pickups, 311, No Doubt, Matisyahu, The Urge, Jack Johnson...

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  • Dsc04173__2__max50


    almost 9 years ago


    Thank you so much for the invite...LOVE your photos! I am really interested in photography too. Like you, most of mine are very willing subjects - my kids! ; )

  • 7668050_7_3_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    Thank you much for the invite!!

  • Chuckogram_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    Well, I went looked back at stuff from first and second semester and skipped all of the stuff that was common sense like vitals and intro to nursing stuff and then picked up from there. I am just reading over each section and familiarizing myself with stuff that I feel I don't remember much. I can put my schedule on WEBCT for you. Of course I statred the beginning of this month, so you would have to change the dates, but it would give you an outline anyway. I have to work tonight but I will try to have it posted there by Saturday night. Give me a call sometime. I will leave my number on WebCT also. Talk to you soon.

  • Chuckogram_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    OMG yes I am enjoying time off from school!!! However I find myself with so much free time I am bored alot. LOL. I have made a schedule to review stuff from the past 2 semesters I have been so bored..LOL. But I am not complaining about the break. I finally get to spend time with my kids so that is good. How have you been? Hey also, John Strange told me that he saw Wendy the other day and she wants to have a big picnic before we all go back to class in the fall. I think that would be so much fun. Miss hanging out with ya girl. We'll have to get together soon.

  • Pict0064_max50


    almost 9 years ago


    I am doing evenings again. It just works better with my work schedule....We just got home from 6 flags. It was the first time we took the kids and it wasn't busy so we had a lot of fun. However, I lost my camera :( So any pictures you have from our picnic on the last day of school will you send me some???? I am so mad at myself!!!!!