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Are You a Medical Marvel? taken over 7 years ago

0-50% Correct - Medical Misfit

michelle russ

RN-BSN (RN with Bachelor's degree)
Active Nurse
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July 28
sidmad04 posted in: "why LPN's cant be grandfathered to RNs".

I worked as an LPN for 3 years while I finished my RN-BSN degree and I learned more technical skills such as foley catheters, IV sticks, GT placeme...

sidmad04 commented on: "Are you a Medical Marvel?".

"i hate these tests when the answers are not there I need to know what I answered wrong if I want to learn... HELLO"

sidmad04 received the quiz result of "0-50% Correct - Medical Misfit".
sidmad04 posted in: "ADN vs BSN?".

I have my RN BSN and in the community I live in the hospitals and the nursing homes and so forth could care less, there is no pay differential ther...

sidmad04 posted in: "nures with aa degree can do what?".

I live in Southwest VA and there is No difference in this area as to what a associate and a BSN nurse can do except when it comes to teaching... an...

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