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Tammy Thomason

Melber, KY
RN-ADN (RN with Associate's degree)
Active Nurse

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November 28
tamarina13 reviewed: "Nurses' Summon Poster".

"I like the idea of this poster, however she looks a bit too sexy. Nurses should be pictured as confident strong women. Not sexy dainty fragile th..."

tamarina13 posted in: "Is it Real or is it Model?".

Careful what you wish for, they may add pole dancing to our job description anyday now.....lol

tamarina13 posted in: "Shingles".

I developed shingles on my face, neck and half my chest about 4 weeks ago. They are the most painful thing ever. I had no idea patients suffered ...

tamarina13 posted in: "Why I couldn't work in America, those damn abbreviations".

As bad as I hate to admit it......we need to use the full word on everything, orders, labs, ect. I know many many mistakes have been made because ...

tamarina13 posted in: "Best Preparation For Nurse Practitioner?".

I am currently finishing my Bachelors so I can start the nurse practitioner program. Honestly I am terrified. I hate to write papers and am not v...

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