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What's Your Perfect Nursing Career Fit? taken almost 8 years ago

Nurse Educator

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West Palm Beach, FL
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February 24
tete561 reviewed the product: "Everything New Nurse Book".

"this book is really good not only for someone who as already gone through nursing school but also people that are considering nursing. This is a mu..."

tete561 posted: "College Network questions".

How is the college network program? How did you feel pratical wise with learning all the skills yourself? Would you advise others to do there rn wi...

tete561 posted in: "Can the government control what our kids eat?".

A lot of parents say that it is there responsibility to monitor what there kids eat but are they really walking the talk. I volunteer at a elementr...

tete561 posted in: "If You're Not a Nurse - Don't Call Yourself One!!!".

In the book the everything new nurse book by Kathy Quan isbn-12: 9781593375324. It states not word for word but it says that a nurse is a professio...

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Favorite Movies:
whit chicks
Favorite TV Shows:
the game on bet
Favorite Music:
anything thats sounds good and has some meaning

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