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Answers to the "What's Your American Red Cross IQ?" Quiz

Answers to the "What's Your American Red Cross IQ?" Quiz


September 03, 2010

The correct answers are highlighted in red.

1) Who founded the Red Cross?
• Emily Watson
• Sandy Cooper
Clara Barton
• Angeline Davenport

2) The Red Cross was founded in:
• 1789
• 1850
• 1865

3) The Red Cross is part of a global movement that offers humanitarian aid to victims of war and natural disasters.
• False

4) In which of the following areas does the Red Cross NOT offer services?
• Community services for the needy
• Support for military members and families
• The collection and distribution of blood
• Educational programs that promote health and safety
• International relief and development programs
Pro bono legal aid

5) The Red Cross has how many employees?
• 15,000
• 28,000
• 120,000

6) How many volunteers does the Red Cross have?
• More than 10,000
More than 500,000
• More than 1,000,000
• More than 10,000,000

7) The Red Cross has________ locally supported chapters.
over 700
• over 900
• over 2,000
• over 5,000

8) The Red Cross is the largest supplier of blood and blood products in the United States.
• False

9) According to, “some _______ million people give blood.”
• 1 million
• 3 million
4 million
• 8 million

10) On average, how much of every dollar that the Red Cross spends goes to humanitarian causes?
• 50 cents
• 78 cents
• 89 cents
92 cents

11) Is the Red Cross a government agency?
• Yes, it is a federally run organization.
No, it relies on donations of time and money.

12) The American National Red Cross is headquartered in:
• New York, NY
• Boston, MA
• Portland, OR
Washington, DC

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