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Unbelievable Hospital Scenes From TV

Marijke Durning | Scrubs Magazine

October 05, 2010

In the early ’80s, a new style of medical drama came to the screen. One of the first of the new breed was St. Elsewhere. Of course, much of the show was unbelievable, but it was entertaining. A never-to-forget hospital scene occurred in a 1982 episode when Shirley Daniels, a nurse who worked in the ER, fatally shot resident Peter White in the groin. Dr. White had been discovered as a serial rapist in the hospital.

Remember Chicago Hope? That was the medical show that was up against the longer-lasting ER. Both began in 1994. Mandy Patinkin was the brooding heart surgeon who didn’t have a lot of luck in life. It all came full circle when he was performing a heart transplant—and a nurse dropped the heart, which then got kicked behind a refrigerator.

And who could forget ER’s famous scene in which Dr. Robert Romano got his hand cut off while he was up on the helicopter pad receiving a patient? Later on, he died after being crushed by a downed helicopter.

But it wasn’t all high drama and blood and gore. What about the following hospital scene from Doogie Howser, MD, when the doctor does a science experiment with a patient? Not on a patient—with a patient. And notice how there happens to be baking soda and vinegar handy—and how he whips out two pairs of protective goggles as needed!

Medical Dramas of the 2000s

The medical dramas of the new century have far outdone Marcus Welby and the shows of the last few decades. The antics of St. Elsewhere and ER have nothing on Grey’s Anatomy and House, just to name a couple.

Grey’s Anatomy comes under a lot of fire for its portrayal (or non-portrayal) of nurses, but check out what this patient says at around minute 2:55. Is that a slap in the face of nurses, or what?

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