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Love Notes to Nursing

Love Notes to Nursing

What do you love about nursing?

Nicole Lehr | Scrubs Magazine

May 18, 2010

Heading to work day in and day out can oftentimes lead to a rollercoaster in the morale department. Although I love my job, the night before a shift just the thought of having to get up and spend 13 hours of the next day cooped up in a hospital sounds less than appealing. I think nurses can easily get lost in a degree of job apathy or career burnout, if you will. Realistically, a rather poignant stigma found throughout our profession is that of burnout- the old wives tail that “matured” nurses are crabby and overworked.

I will admit, in light of springtime and summer vacations rapidly approaching, the monotony of the workday seemed daunting recently. But just in the knick of time (and perhaps Florence herself would vouch for impeccable timing) a beautiful Nurses Week just concluded. A simple week that revamped all feelings of gratitude that I have for the nursing profession and for my job. Nurses Week is meant to honor the service, commitment, and dedication that each of us provides in our daily work as care providers.

I frequently get asked the cliché question, “So why did you become a nurse?” and decided to finally compose a list of the reasons why I so love this profession. Thank you, Florence Nightingale, because this year more than any I feel so very fortunate to have the letters RN behind my name. And I may even print a copy of my “love notes to nursing”r to keep with me at work when the going gets tough, just to remind myself of how fortunate I really am.

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