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Make Your Nursing Intuition Work for You

Make Your Nursing Intuition Work for You

Christina Macres | NursingLink

June 14, 2010

Ever get a hunch about a patient’s condition but can’t put your finger on why you feel the way you do? Perhaps it’s the way a fellow nurse reacts to your proposal, or a strange feeling that your supervisor isn’t happy with your charting. Not everything can be worked out with a pro and con list. Much of working with people is following your intuition.

And not only do our bodies have a powerful language all their own, they’ve got quite a lot to say about what we should do in certain situations. You know how this is, especially when you have to make a judgment call in a life or death situation! Learn to use your nursing intuition to your advantage in your career! Check out these work-related examples of times when your stomach might sour or your body tense and learn how to uncover your natural intuitive abilities just by listening to your body’s physical cues.

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Career Change:

Point blank, career change is scary. Chances are, if the sheer amount of “what ifs” haven’t left your brain feeling completely noodle-like, your body is most probably screaming many conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions due to it’s inability choose a resolution.

The solution? Simplify.

Researchers suggest concentrating your thoughts on a single question. Just by concentrating your feelings on a question like, “What do I need right now?” or “What outcome feels best at this time?” you can listen to your body’s feedback and get the intuitive information you need to make the decision that’s right for you and your nursing career.

Hospital Gossip:

Nurses dating doctors! A doctor is having a scandalous affair! Which nurse flubbed up her charting? Who’s tiptoeing out of their shift a little too early each day? You don’t have to overhear water cooler chatter to know you’re the source of hospital gossip.

When faced with the nagging feeling that other nurses are getting a little too talkative, nip it in the bud – fast!

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