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Top 40 Slang Terms Nurses Use

Top 40 Slang Terms Nurses Use

Scrubs Magazine

October 13, 2010

If you’ve ever treated a “frequent flyer” patient with a case of “Nintendo thumb” or “Avatar blues,” you may be familiar with this list of 40 humorous nursing lingo terms.

Courtesy of our Scrubs Magazine readers and we present these slang terms nurses use and wonder, what are some more? Scroll to the bottom to submit your favorites!

1. Frequent Flyer

Definition: One who visits healthcare providers, emergency departments, etc. for every little health problem, often drug seeking or wanting work excuses.

— contributed by reader, Kelly

2. Boyfriend

Definition: The cute little old men who are a joy to take care of.

— contributed by reader, Grace


Definition: An acronym used in the ER which stands for ‘Big ‘Ol Needle in the A$$.’

Usage: I’m about to give this patient a bonita.

— contributed by Facebook fan, Tiffany Pizzimenti


RN: Acronym for Refuses/Resists Nonsense.

4. DFO

Defintion: Acronym for ‘Done Fell Out.’

— contributed by Facebook fan, Nanci Leigh Nix

5. MD

Definition: Acronym for Makes Decisions.

Usage: Do you see MD after my name? That means Makes Decisions.

— contributed by Facebook fan, Maranda Thompson

6. RN

Definition: Acronym for Refuses/Resists Nonsense.

Usage: Do you see RN after my name? It stands for Resists/Refuses Nonsense!

— contributed by Facebook fan, Maranda Thompson

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