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Top 40 Slang Terms Nurses Use

Top 40 Slang Terms Nurses Use

Scrubs Magazine

October 13, 2010

7. TMB

Definition: Acronym for ‘Too Many Birthday.’

— contributed by Facebook fan, Amanda Belcher Klumpp

8. Jack in the Box

Definition: A patient who can’t stand or walk yet insists on trying.

— contributed by Facebook fan, Susan Broadway


Definition: An acronym used in the ER which stands for ‘Fall Down Go Boom.’

— contributed by Facebook fan, Tiffany Pizzimenti

10. F/U

Definition: A shortened version of ‘Follow Up.’

Fun (and cautionary) fact: The contributor of this term actually got in trouble by the state surveyor for using it in his charting!

— contributed by Facebook fan, John Allen Hough

11. Crispies

Definition: A patient who is a tanning booth victim.

— contributed by Facebook fan, Ruth Metzger

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12. Trainwreck

Definition: A patient with multiple health problems and multiple diagnoses that has no business on a med-surg floor but doesn’t “qualify” for ICU until they code in the middle of the night.

— contributed by reader, Tabatha

13. The Whine Line

Definition: A term used among prison nurses referring to inmates who suddenly need to see medical because it’s raining and they don’t want to go to work. In the hospital they are the uninsured that show up in the ER at 0200 with sniffles, etc.

Usage: It’s cold and rainy out there. Gonna have a whine line this morning.

— contributed by reader, Linda

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