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Top 40 Slang Terms Nurses Use

Top 40 Slang Terms Nurses Use

Scrubs Magazine

October 13, 2010

37. Medical Futility

Definition: Either a judgment that further medical treatment of a patient would have no useful result or a medical treatment whose success is possible although reasoning and experience suggest that it’s highly improbable.

Usage: What do I think? Medical futility.

38. The patient is high risk

Definition: The patient has HIV, Aids, or Hepatitis so be aware.

Usage: Be sure to wear eye protection, the patient is high risk.

Created by hollywood on, Apr 06, 2010

39. Questionable Doctor

Definition: A physician who has been sanctioned for serious state and federal offenses and placed on a list by the Public Citizen’s Health Research Group.

Usage: Umm, he’s a questionable doctor. He’s been sanctioned for handing out painkillers like Tic Tacs.

Synonyms: impaired physician

40. NPS

Definition: New parent syndrome. A propensity to bring your child to the hospital for every trivial thing. Used in charting.

Usage: Baby had hiccups, sent home. NPS.

Synonyms: parenthood

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