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8 Celebrity Cancer Survivors Share Their Stories

8 Celebrity Cancer Survivors Share Their Stories

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Danielle Samaniego | DivineCaroline

October 04, 2010

This year alone, nearly 1.5 million people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer, according to statistics.

The battle against the deadly disease rages on daily, and prevention and awareness is a major part of that effort. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and organizers are pulling out all stops to shed light on the issue, including seeking a little help from celebrity friends who have conquered it. These eight celebrity cancer survivors put a famous face to a non-discriminating disease and used their star-power to inspire others.

1. Sheryl Crow
When Sheryl Crow was diagnosed in early 2006 with breast cancer, she had just come off a break-up with fellow cancer survivor Lance Armstrong.

“It was a really personal blow, because I was newly out of a relationship and that made it more difficult to even fathom that I could be diagnosed with cancer,” Crow told Health Magazine this month.

The singer underwent radiation therapy and hasn’t had an issue since, crediting her attitude as a contributing part to her healing process. “This great friend told me one of the gateways to awakening is to allow yourself to experience your emotions,” she said. “As Westerners, we’ve gotten adept at suppressing them. It’s always ‘Try not to think about it’ or ‘Keep yourself busy.’ You push all that stuff down, and it manifests itself in other ways—whether it’s stress or disease. So my attitude was to grieve when I felt like grieving, be afraid when I felt like being afraid, and be angry when I felt like being angry.”

2. Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate rose to prominence playing the dumb blonde with the hot body in Married with Children. Though fans eventually moved past her looks to see her actual talent, she’s never stopped paying attention to her own body. In March 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thanks to the early detection, the Samantha Who? star is now cancer-free (she opted to have a double mastectomy to ensure the cancer couldn’t return). Applegate is an active advocate for early screenings, founding “Right Action for Women,” an organization that helps pay for tests for high-risk young women who can’t afford MRIs.

“I became really passionate about people who are at high risk having the same opportunity to get this sort of testing,” Applegate told Women’s Health magazine this month. “Some insurance companies consider the tests exploratory, which is just ridiculous. I mean, it saved my life!”

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